The most important factor in the success of software implementation is training. That’s why The Aquila Group, Inc. includes an extensive amount of both classroom and on-the-floor training as part of the implementation process. However, training isn’t limited to the initial implementation. Changes in your process, employee turnover, and software advancements can all lead to the need for additional training over time. We offer a variety of training sessions to help make sure your company is getting the most out of the solutions we provide.

Our trainers average over ten years each of experience testing, using, and teaching our software. They literally wrote the book on the DMM System. Their thorough, friendly, and sometimes humorous training sessions will ensure that your team gets started in the right direction from day one. The personal interaction that takes place during the on-site training sessions means that you know who you are calling when you have questions or need support going forward. They also help our team have a better understanding of your needs as we support you in the future.

The primary focus during the implementation of the Dynamic Machine Management System is training. The various training sessions include the following:

  • DMM Administrator Training – Extensive, in-depth training covering almost the entire DMM System, with a focus on the options and preferences that impact your business process.
  • DMM Operator Training – Shop floor operator training which is focused on the interface for the type of machine being used.
  • DMM Planner Training – Training that covers all aspects of managing orders in the DMM System, including balancing capacity, adjusting priorities, and order tracking.
  • DMM Mfg. Engineer Training – Focuses on the interaction between the DMM System and CAD/CAM software, and how to make sure orders are ready for production.
  • DMM Manager Training – Provides a high-level overview of the DMM System, with a focus on shop performance metrics.
  • Green Light Overview – Explains the Green Light monitoring system, how it works with the DMM System, the OEE calculation, and data presentation.

Our trainers are flexible and welcome questions throughout each session. While most sessions are designed to be presented over a projector, we encourage you to provide a training lab so that users can practice using the software as part of the training.

All of these sessions are available after implementation either over the web or on-site. If you are new to the DMM System, or have used it for years and need a refresher, please contact us to find out about our special training offers today. Thank You!