Company Information

The Aquila Group, Inc. is a national consulting firm specializing in the implementation of true demand-pull practices and philosophies. We strive to do this through the appropriate use of technology, in conjunction with the effective management of people, processes, and disciplines. Our organization is comprised of individuals from diverse professional backgrounds, bound together by one common belief. We clearly understand that the goal of every organization is to make money.

Everything we believe in, design, develop, and do is focused solely on this concept. As a matter of fact, our organization is founded on helping your company implement six guiding principles which help both us and our clients remain squarely focused on this extremely important goal. We truly believe:

  • If your customer is not paying you to do it, don’t do it!
  • If it isn’t going to ship today, don’t build it or stock it!
  • Don’t commit to anything until you have to!
  • Your results will never be higher than your expectations!
  • If it costs you more to collect, know, or do something than the value it returns, don’t do it!
  • Software alone will not fix your business!

Over the past few decades, American businesses have lost focus on what the real objective is. Manufacturing fads (like just-in-time, quality circles, etc.), MRP, and technology have caused managers to chase their tails, focus on non-relevant issues, and induce enormous amounts of non-value added costs to their business. Don’t think you are a victim of these so called “manufacturing panaceas”? Well, let’s see how you do. How would you answer the following questions:

  • How many of your organization’s activities can you say are paid for by the customer, as opposed to those that are self-induced by the business? (For Example: Is your customer paying you to set up machinery, create and maintain routes, produce quantities in excess of actual demand, or carry inventory?)
  • How many people in your organization come into work every day with the attitude, “What can I do for the company today to help it make more money?”
  • How many people in your organization settle for less than the right solutions? (For Example: You currently have a 5-week cycle time, but this is not good enough for future growth. You decided that a one-week cycle time is just what is needed. If one week is good, then why wouldn’t one day be great? You have settled for a solution that is less than right.)

These are just a few of the common misconceptions present in most organizations today. We work side-by-side with all our clients in overcoming the inertia from the past so that they can truly be positioned for the future. We like to consider ourselves as your “Partners in Success”.

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